How We meet during lockdown

Grace Baptist has re-opened our morning worship services and we meet every Sunday according to the following schedule:


Under the lock down level 1 regulations, 70 seats will be available for each service

09:00 AM  Louis Fourie will be preaching about the prophecies and events leading up to the birth of Jesus.


Please note that our Christmas Day Service and New Years Day Service  will start at 8:30 AM. Additional seating will be provided in the Chapel and adjacent hall and the services will be streamed to these venues. You will need to book a seat for one of the services for each member of your household that wants to attend. Booking for these services are essential to get the best seats.

What Happens When You Arrive:

The services follow the lockdown regulations for gatherings up to 70 people.

Each person arriving must make sure they are wearing a mask before entering the auditorium.

You will also have to check in no more than 60 minutes before the service.

Upon entering the auditorium, your hands will be sanitized, your temperature taken and you’ll answer a list of questions to confirm that you are healthy and have not been in contact with any COVID19 person. 

Chairs in the auditorium are set up 1.5m apart to maintain the prescribed distance between people.

Families or folks who share the same home may group their chairs together and sit with one another.


A mother’s room is available for mothers and their breast-feeding infants. No men are allowed in the mother’s room. Due to regulations only two mothers will be allowed in the mother’s room.

Sunday School:

There are currently no creche or Sunday School classes. We will resume again in 2021.